Our Logo & The Story that goes along with it.

Our wine maker Justin is a bit of a classic truck fan. Actually he likes all trucks. And tractors. And old rusty stuff. The 1958 GMC that has become our logo is a truck he found by chance. We consider ourselves very luc just an old farm truck with a big back window.  But this truck has become iconic in our adventures. 

Down The Aisle and the Road

When we were married Ole Blue delivered the bride to the aisle.  And it has made a special appearance in a few other weddings.  Our dogs did a photo shoot on Ole Blue for the Front street Animal Shelter calendar.  Ole Blue has taken many pumpkins and hay bales to events for us.  And it has pulled floats in all different parades.  Sometimes it's even the grocery getter when all of the other vehicles are busy or out of commission.  It is still a hard working and functional part of our lives.

When we started growing and selling pumpkins in 2010, we were at an event and met Larry Hausen.  He is a graphic designer and we really love his work.  He does the annual poster design for the Mountain Mandarin Festival poster every year.  Larry designed our logo and we were so happy with the results!  It started with just pumpkins in the bed but after we ventured into wines he added the grapes.  He has truly captured our spirit through the logo and we thank him for that! Great Work Larry!